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Wool embroidered scarf Red rose


Wool embroidered scarf Red rose. The design on this scarf was influenced by minimalist designs from both India and Europe. Malini framed a bright red color within embroidery, which they did by hand, to create a minimalist yet eye-catching design. Made of pure 100% soft wool, the design was screen printed by hand onto the scarf. This scarf is a perfect accent piece for many outfits. Pair it with black or white, or even with prints in similar color palettes. Minimalism means living a life filled with rich experiences. The minimalist woman eschews excess and appreciates simplicity. Our fashion partner, Malini, bases their designs on the minimalist philosophy. They design and print all their own fabrics by hand, and honor eco-friendly, fair-trade policies. Dimensions of the scarf are 70x200CM with 1CM of eyelash fringes at the short end edges (in centimeters) or 27.67x78.74" with .39"�of eyelash fringes at the short end edges (in inches).