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Warm Yellow Wool Oversized Knee-Length Dress With Butterfly Tie

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Inspired by the sunflower, which keep their face in the sun so they do not see shadows, our designed worked with an Italian lab to produce this unique color for this uplifing wool dress. Made of 80% wool, 20% cotton, the dress is embellished with a butterfly tie, pleats, and an adorable flare. Wear alone or layer it.

This dress is sustainable and made to last. Made from the longest  fibers, averaging 39-42mm long. That's about 30% longer than regular fabrics. The longer the fiber, the longer your garment will last.

Production is in a facility powered by clean energy, and no harsh chemicals or bleaches are used. 

Because this is handmade to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

By Indie Brand Linnenaive


SIZE S (US 4-6, UK 10-12, Italy 40-42, France 36-38)

bust: fits bust around 34.5”-35.5” / 87-90 cm

waist: fits waist around 27”-28” / 68.9-71 cm

hips: fits hips around 37”-38” / 94-97 cm

•SIZE M (US 8-10, UK 14-16, Italy 44-46, France 40-42)

bust: fits bust around 36.5”-37.5” / 92.7-95 cm

waist: fits waist around 29”-30” / 74-76 cm

hips: fits hips around 39”-40” / 99-102 cm

•SIZE L (US 12-14, UK 18-20, Italy 48-50, France 44-46)

bust: fits bust around 39”-40.5” / 99-103 cm

waist: fits waist around 31.5”-33” / 80-84 cm

hips: fits hips around 41.5”-43” / 105-109 cm


bust: around 43.5”/ 110cm

Waist: around 36”/ 91cm

Hips: hips around 46”/ 117cm

Aproxx height: 5'7" / 168-170 cm 

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