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Shabby chic dress floral print with half sleeves 002


Shabby chic dress floral print with half sleeves 002. Note the details! A seam from the top creates a pleated look in the center, which off-sets the asymmetrical hemline. Shabby chic is a term used by interior designers that refers to French furniture that gives the appearance of age or wear-and-tear. Newer items are called shabby chic when they are given an antique appearance. This shabby chic dress, worn on a warm summer day, provides an effortlessly feminine look that is rooted in its vintage floral fabric, half sleeves, and asymmetric hemline. The fabric is made of cotton voile, which is one of the finest, purest, and lightest of cottons. The soft print is that of roses on a light green/beige background. Our fashion partner, Malini, bases their designs on the minimalist philosophy. They design and print all their own fabrics by hand, and honor eco-friendly, fair-trade policies. The model in this photo is wearing size medium.

Sizing is as follows:

European Sizing - Centimeters

U.S. Sizing - Inches

S 36/38 -> Bust: 88.9 / 91.4cm waist: 74.3 / 76.8cm hips: 94 / 96.5cm

S "“ 36/38 -> Bust 35/36"�/ Waist 29.25/30.23"� Hips 37/38"�

M- 40/42 -> bust: 94 / 96.5cm waist: 79.4 / 81.9cm hips: 99 / 101.5cm

M "“ 40/42 -> Bust 37/38"�/ Waist 31.2/32"� Hips 39/40"�

L 44/46 -> bust: 99 / 101cm waist: 84.5 / 87cm hips: 104 / 106cm

L "“ 44/46 -> Bust 39/39.8"�/ Waist 33.3/34.2"� Hips 40.9/41.7"�

XL-48 -> bust: 104cm waist: 83cm hips: 109cm

XL "“ 48 -> Bust 40.9"�/ Waist 32.6"� Hips 42.9"�