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Sarong Pareo Dark Sand in Ajrak print 100% pure cotton


Sarong Pareo Dark Sand in Ajrak print 100% pure cotton. Interested in some fashion history? Once the dress of seafaring peoples of the Malay Peninsula and later appropriated by Hollywood by Hedy Lamarr in White Cargo (1942) and Dorothy Lamour in Road to Bali (1952), the sarong became a presentation of exotic femininity. It was later more widely adopted by Western cultures in the 1990s. The sarong is now admired because it is a comfortable, versatile, and functional cloth. You can tie, knot, or wrap a sarong. Minimalism means living a life filled with rich experiences. The minimalist woman eschews excess and appreciates simplicity. Our fashion partner, Malini, bases their designs on the minimalist philosophy. They design and print all their own fabrics by hand, and honor eco-friendly, fair-trade policies. To make this garment, Malini used an ancient block printing technique called Ajrak from Gujarat and Rajasthan, which dates back to 2500 BC.  Dyeing in common combinations of white, red, blue, gray, yellow, or black on 100% cotton are characteristic of the Ajrak technique. The fabric is woven by hand, which gives a unique and special finish for every pareo (wap skirt) sarong. Dimensions are 110X200cm or 43.3X78.7 inches.