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Regal Ethiopian Yrgacheffe Coffee

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Grown in the Kaffa region at 1,700-2,200 meters above sea level, these exotic beans offer a mellow body of fruit, floral and citrus notes, and a bright, floral, sweet aroma. Certified Fair Trade and Organic.

You are connecting with history when you savor your cup of Regal Ethiopian Yrgacheffe. Legend has it that Ethiopia is where coffee originated in the 9th Century. According to the lore, a goat herder named Kaldi observed heightened energy among his goats when they consumed the red berries off the coffee arabica trees. He subsequently shared the coffee beans with the monks in his monastery. á Averse to á their stimulating effects, the monks threw the beans into the fire. Unexpectedly, the delightfully pleasing aroma of the beans spurred them to give these little treasures a second chance. The first known coffee as we know it today was developed after pouring warm water over these beans. We hope you enjoy the distinctive flavor profile of our delicious Yrgacheffe beans.

Coffee tastes best when ground just before brewing, which is why we provide whole beans to you.

Significant savings if you purchase two or more bags of coffee. Mix or match!

This item ships free within the United States.