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Plaid Blazer with Hoodie and Racing Stripes


Plaid Blazer with Hoodie and Racing Stripes. This blazer is emblematic of our current desire to elevate our quarantine attire. It's casual yet elegant, cozy, yet tailored. A creative mix between professional and casual, you can dress this blazer up or down and wear it just as comfortably at home or out to work or to a social event. It pairs well with jeans or casual black trousers, which will tie together the black and white plaid in the blazer. The fabric is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Made in Mexico.

By Miley + Molly of Los Angeles

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About Miley+Molly

Miley and Molly Clothing is an emerging brand in the Los Angeles Fashion District, Miley and Molly designs contemporary styles that are chic, trendy, comfy, and cozy. Miley+Molly finds inspiration from what is trending worldwide and translates those styles into fabulous fashions that are sophisticated and unique. Their clothing is versatile and can take you from lounging at home to a night out with friends, as well as to a long day in the office. Go here to see Miley+Molly policies.