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Brunna Co.

Pandan Handmade Organizer Basket


Handmade Borneo Belly Basket made of Pandan straws harvested locally in Borneo / Kalimantan, Indonesia. Each straws are carefully dyed in natural ink which then woven beautifully in zig-zag / chevron pattern. áBack in Borneo, they use this baskets for storing padi rice, fruits, vegetables and to carry harvested goods. Sourced directly from artisan communities in East Borneo.

These baskets are perfect for many purposes ranging from : picnics, beach bags, storage & organization, laundry baskets, toys storage, craft & yarn baskets, and many more. They can also be used for birthdays, bridal showers and/or miscellaneous events goodie bags. Contact us for more details regarding size and design options.

Our baskets details :

Çó Diameter : around 20 inches ( the middle part )

Çó Height : around 10.5 inches

Çó Basket type : Single Woven

Çó Material : áPandan Straws

Çó Designed to be unstructured

Please note the sizes are rough guide only, each baskets are handmade and the size can be slightly different.

By Brunna Co. - Handmade in Bali, Designed in California

Ships in 1-3 days