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Moby - Charcoal Black Men's Bag


    Introducing the first and all new unisex work bag "Moby" made from 100% compressed layers of handmade paper, coated with Mulberry tree leaves pulp on cotton canvas and glazed to mimic the properties of real leather. Inspired by "Moby" the vegan singer-songwriter has been advocating for veganism and animal-rights with enthusiasm, through his music (1999 album, Play) and later by donating profits to animal welfare from his LA restaurant Little Pine, which opened in 2015 and serves vegan comfort foods.

    We especially designed this bag for all you animal lovers so you can now flaunt your values stylishly whether at home or at work. Use the Moby for your laptop and work essentials and add a touch of classic with this simple doctors style satchel in your closet. 

    Dimensions: 18"W x 14"H x 6"D, Handle Drop 17"

    • Charcoal Black color
    • Internal slip pockets
    • Cotton faux suede mix lining
    • Recycled metals hardware
    • Long shoulder strap
    • Buckle closure
    • Feather light weight
    • Dust bag included

    Laminated Handmade Paper backed with cotton canvas, MulbTex TM is a patented technique of our artisans to make handmade paper using Mulberry leaves pulp. Mulberry Leather or MulbTex TM has been used for centuries in Korea to make lampshades and other traditional artifacts. It is silicone based and plastic free. 

    Mulberry leaves are the staple diet of the silkworm. So we pulp the leaves for the MulbTex without their elements traveling through the bodies of silkworms, who would be killed when their cocoons are spun to silk to avoid them breaking the strands to escape and fly away as moths. Essentially we are processing the plants before they are processed through an animal’s stomach making it much more environmentally and compassionately reasonable. 


    Made with love in South Korea
    Ethical & Sweatshop-free

    About GUNAS New York

    GUNAS New York is a vegan luxury handbag brand. Since its inception in 2009, Gunas designer Sugandh Agrawai, has been dedicated to the fashions that protect the wellbeing of animals.  Previously an industrial designer for Kitehen Aid, Sugandh applied her skills to developing a cruelty-free GUNAS handbags, GUNAS totes, GUNAS wallets, and even some GUNAS footwear, all from vegan leather.  All items are made in small-scale ethical manufacturing facilities in India, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Hong Kong. Gunas New York is an ethical brand with upscale and fashionable GUNAS bags.  GUNAS New York Policies