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Mini kaftan White Tie&dye


Mini kaftan White Tie&dye. This kaftan is made by hand in 100% soft and smooth cotton. The tie-dye process entails waterproofing part of the fabric so color will not penetrate. Part of the kaftan maintains its original color while part of it does not. Tassels are placed at just the right angle to hang on the left and right sides as well as at the neckline. Asiatic in origin, the kaftan is a variation on the tunic. Embraced by many world cultures, offering functionality in warm climates because of their loose fit and airy draping. Fashion-forward women who wish to express their individuality in elegance and comfort wear them today. The look appeals to the minimalist. Minimalism means living a life filled with rich experiences. The minimalist woman eschews excess and appreciates simplicity. Our fashion partner, Malini, bases their designs on the minimalist philosophy. They design and print all their own fabrics by hand, and honor eco-friendly, fair-trade policies. The dimensions are 75x80cm or 29.5 X 31.5 inches.