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Mercury + Maia (48 inch) Honey Badger Laces Made in the USA

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  • USA MADE SHOE LACES FOR YOUR BOOTS: high quality USA-made round shoe laces. Mercury + Maia's HoneyBadger Boot Laces made with Dupont Kevlar in the USA.

  • INSANELY TOUGH ROUND SHOELACES:  With tough rhino like skin, the honey badger proves that the smallest things can outlast and outperform even the biggest predators on the savannah. Isn't that what you want your work boot laces heavy duty obligated to do?

  • FULL EXPOSURE SHOELACES ROUND HERE: Flame retardant, chemical resistant, able to withstand 350 pounds of pressure, these round shoe laces simply don't quit. Make sure your work boots last. These round shoe laces are strong down to the molecular level, where our propietary blend of string fibers forms rigid, stacked bonds that make your shoes practically bulletproof.

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