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Linen Skater Skirt in Grey, Blue, or Green

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Luxurious skater skirt in baby blue, smoky gray, or moss green. Scarlett Johansson was our designer's inspiration because of her classical beauty. This skirt is a bit flirty yet very gentle. It is made of 100% Italian high end Italian linen, very light weight, with a silky touch. It has more than 100 handmade pleats on the front and back, (above your hips.) There are 13 meters of fabric for a single skirt, which creates a flowy and large bottom. There is a comfortable zipper waistband.

You will not find these details in mass products. They are tailored slowly and specially.

Production is in a facility powered by clean energy, and no harsh chemicals or bleaches are used. 

Because this is handmade to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

By Indie Brand Linnenaive


- made from 100 % silky linen - light weight linen.

it is silky linen. lighter weight than most kind of linen. So it become more flattering and flowy.

- color : - moss green, smoky gray, smoky blue


23.5-25.5 inches.


275" / 700cm: SUPER LARGE SWEEP



waist: 27”/ 68 cm


waist: 29/ 73 cm


waist: 31” / 78 cm


Waist: 32.5”/83cm

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