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Akosée Women's Leather Tie Belt


Soft Nubuck leather tie belt embossed with Akosée logo at both ends.
Can be tied around a dress or t-shirt. Dress not included.

SIZE AND FIT: Small - 140cm (55.12") or Medium 160cm (63")
COMPOSITION: 100% Leather
Processing time: 1-2 days
Delivery: 4-11 days

By Akosée of Singapore

Processing time: 1-2 days

Delivery: 4-11 days

About Akosée

Akosée is and Indie brand our of Singapore that derives its design inspiration from our world's beaches. Their unique resort-wear line is meant to take you in comfort and style from the beach to a relaxing summer evening. Timeless pieces will provide chic and relaxed day and evening wear in hand-sourced fabrics that are made with the greatest care. We invite you to peruse our Akosée collection below.