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LEA - Leather genuine Tote bag in Burgundy, Black, Tan, & Blue


LEA - Leather genuine Tote bag in Burgundy, Black, Tan, & Blue
Say you mean business in this this classic minimalist tote made from soft, plush genuine leather that is tanned and dyed by hand by our fashion partner, MJ Room, of Casa Blanca, Morocco. áOur fashion partner, MJ Room of Casa Blanca, tans and dyes her own leathers and sews each piece by hand. á
Height 27cm/10.6"
Width 35cm/13.8"
Depth 14cm/5.5"
Leather type Full grain Grained cowhide leather
áThe LEA bag is a very practical bag . With an optional shoulder strap to hang the bag or kit .It can be worn by hand or on the shoulder .This tote bag is available in 4 colors á
á á
á á

Outside á

  • Worn shoulder and hand á


  • 2 zipped pocket á
  • 1 Kit (which serves as a bag by hanging on the shoulder strap)
  • Cotton lining

This item ships free ápays special attention to the manufacture of its articles. However, if you come to notice a defect, The room is committed to repair your item for free.The MJ warranty is 1 year on all items, and lifetime for leather. Himelhoch's will communicate with MJroom on your behalf.

Leather and Care:

We use leathers that do not require special maintenance, however some precautions are to follow:

If the leather has taken rain, be sure to let it air dry naturally.
It is strongly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and greasy substances, otherwise irreversible damage may occur. Without maintenance or precaution, the leather can evolve significantly and prematurely (discoloration of the skin, spots)
Avoid contact with raw textiles, which can cause color transfer and blacken the leather irreversibly. The light and bright colors, more delicate, are to be maintained with even greater care: we will therefore avoid wearing a bag with light colors on a dark garment, and vice versa.
the dust can also be abrasive, which is why without regular use it is recommended to keep the bag in its protective cover and in a clean, dry and ventilated place.

About MJ Room

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An array of color choices, and leather:

Vegetable tanned leather for a vintage and stylish look
Grained leather for a more exotic touch
Smooth leather for more elegance and refinement  

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A leatherworker for more than 20 years, MJ has a recognized know-how. From the development of hand-made prototypes to the stages of production, quality control and distribution, the brand masters the production process to bring every customer the care of a leather goods expert. Your product has been made in a leather selected in the best skins and tanned in the best traditions. (Your product was made in a canvas selected in the best manufactures.) If you want to maintain its beauty and appearance, use your product with attention. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and protect it from moisture.      


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