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Christina Choi Cosmetics

K-POP Luxury Gloss


LIMITED EDITION (only a few left)

A sheer rose gold pink that compliments all skin tones. This shade has a slight iridescence that gives a gorgeous highlighted effect to the lips. á

Christina's Pro Tip:

  • Mix K-Pop Luxury Gloss with a red lip color or gloss to help soften the intensity. á


About Christina Choi Cosmetics

Christina Choi Cosmetics is an emerging brand based out of San Francisco. Christina Choi designs her line for the contemporary woman who deserves to enjoy the experience of applying makeup flawlessly and without intimidation.  She uses antioxidants, vitamins and attractive pigments in her products, which cater to all women and all skin tones. Christina Choi is an artist, and that talent is evident in the colors, finish, and textures of her products. Her line is clean, modern, and unique. Our Christina Choi collection is perfect for the woman who appreciates the art of cosmetics.