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Bhawna Sharma of VBHSA

Golden Cut Hammered Flatware set of 20 pieces


Vibhsa experiences you the best flatware designs for your tableware which attracts your guests on a dinner table. Set includes table setting for 4

This Luxury Flatware will heighten the level of sophistication of your table setting. High-quality Thickener Stainless Steel, Advanced mirror polishing technology

Make a difference to your kitchen through a range of most dazzling and exquisite cutlery by us

These stylish pieces can be used every day tableware. Premium cutlery which suits both basic and modern dining table 

Dimension of each piece is as follows: Dinner Knife (9"x 0.8"x 0.7", 2.6 oz), Dinner Fork (7.5"x 1.2"x 0.9", 2.2 oz), Dinner Spoon (7.5"x 1.5"x 0.9", 2.6 oz), Dessert Spoon (6.7"x 1.7"x 0.9", 1.9 oz), Salad Fork (6.5"x 1.0"x 0.9", 1.5 oz). Total Weight of set is about 4 lbs

By Bhawna Sharma of VBHSA
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