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Irina Deynega of Diva Hats

Fur Felt Velour Fascinator


Accentuate Your Outfits

Felt fascinator are accessories that emphasize your silhouette with a sense of serenity and dignity. This fascinator hats for women brings out the magnificence of style and grace without trying too hard. It resembles a felt hat but is much smaller and unpretentious. Add it to any outfit and see the remarkable difference it imparts to the entire ensemble.

Handmade on a wooden block of high-quality fur felt with velour coating which is comfortable and durable. Stylish felt Helix trim on the side. This is very comfortable - one size fascinator holds on a headband. 

Available in a few colors.

Eco-Friendly material

Fur felt is a wonderfully versatile fabric with a long history. High quality felt consists of 100% rabbit hair. Fur felt it is also good to defend wind and rain. It will not fray because it has no yarns to unravel.

Fur felt molded into various shapes for uses such as hats, berets, bags, boots, and others.

A surface of quality fur felt hat is creating a soft visual effect such as velvet.

By Irina Deynega of Diva Hats

Processing time: 2-3 days

Delivery: 4-7 days