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DāO Beauty and Wellness

Fantastic Four Kit


For All Hair Types


All Natural Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Neem Oil, Shea Butter, A├žai

Ready for hair restoration? This fantastic combination of products brings your hair back to life with shine, bounce and fullness.

  • Naturel á is a lightweight áconditioning treatment designed to enhance the natural hair texture and restore dry and damaged follicles. á
  • Nourishe á áis a creamy and restorative áproduct leaving hair strong with a luscious sheen.
  • Pristene á has a sulfate-free, soft lather formula that deeply cleanses and nourishes healthy hair. á
  • Harmonee á áprovides a luxurious, deeply hydrating treatment that defrizzes and softens the hair. á


About DāO Beauty and Wellness

Born in Detroit, DāO plant-based hair products are designed for all ages, all genders, and all hair types. False divisions have been created and exploited for years in the beauty industry and it ends here. DāO isn't solely for women or men or children -- DāO is for Hair. Embracing inclusivity and simplicity, DāO Defies All Odds by offering premium products that transform the health of curly, wavy and straight hair textures.


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