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Detroit City Beautiful Decaf

$24.00  + Free Shipping within the US

A complex balance of Latin American and African beans for a rich full-bodied, yet balanced taste that makes it hard to believe it’s decaf. Certified Fair Trade and Organic.

The City Beautiful Movement influenced North American architecture and urban planning during the 1890s and 1900s. This was prior to Himelhoch's 1907 move to Detroit. At that time, we were in the thumb of Michigan. The City Beautify Movement introduced beautification and monumental grandeur in cities, including Detroit. We hope that our Detroit City Beautiful Decaf infuses beauty and relaxation into your day.

Coffee tastes best when ground just before brewing, which is why we provide whole beans to you.

Significant savings if you purchase two or more bags of coffee. Mix or match!

This item ships free within the United States.