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Cotton Shawl Begonia


Cotton Shawl Begonia. This hand-painted 100% cotton shawl is hand painted using technique called Kalamkari. Kalam refers to pen and Kari refers to craftsmanship. Organic colors were used to dye this beautiful piece. The artisans soak the fabric in a solution of dried East Indian fruit, called Myrobalans, and cows milk, which results in its glossy finish. Bamboo points are then soaked in jaggery fermented water to create the contours that you see in the shawl, which then are dyed with organic vegetable dies that are applied one-by-one. After each color is applied to the design and dried, the Kalamkari fabric is washed. This process is followed for each color, so it is common for a fabric to go through as many as 20 washings.  Dimensions of the scarf are 33.5"�x 86.6"�.