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Cedar & Sage Men's Grooming Kit

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Why you'll like it :

Experience a shower and shave like no other, that smells manly and keeps skin healthy for those game time moments with our men's grooming kits by Boomer & Co. This all natural men's grooming kits produce a rich rustic infused lather, featuring a scented combination of texas cedarwood and sage.

Made for traditional showering and wet shaving, our rich lathering soaps will protect your skin and provide optimal showering and blade glide to maximize your shave, all with no residue at finish.

It's a sure fire go-to for your daily showering and shaving routine.

By Boomer & Co.

Processing time: 1-2 days

Delivery: 1-2 days

Contains :

1- 4oz Cedar & Sage Soap Bar

1- 4 oz Cedar & Sage Shaving Soap

1- 4oz Cedar & Sage Aftershave

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