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Sarvin CALLIE - Ivory High Waisted Ribbed Flared Trousers


Capture the essence of 1970's glamour in the high-waisted flared Callie trousers. Tailored to adorn your natural body shape, these ivory high-waist trousers have a side zip closure and flare at the knee down to create instant drama! Handmade in the United Kingdom from a chic white metallic ribbed fabric. 

Proudly designed & made in the United Kingdom

• Handmade
• Flared leg
• High-waisted
• Available in Black and Ivory
• Side zip closure
• Fine Ottoman ribbed polyester
• Dry clean or gentle hand wash

About Sarvin

Sarvin is an emerging international luxury clothing brand, specializing in creating distinctive and high-quality garments handpicked from the finest fabrics and materials.

Our partner imbues each design with Sarvin's signature flair for fashion and eye for detail – the result is an irresistible collection of contemporary wardrobe staples and show-stopping timeless pieces. Sarvin is the perfect partner for Himelhoch's because she has a keen eye for style and quality, crafting beautiful pieces that will make our customers feel special.

The majority of Sarvin garments designed and produced in the UK to lower the carbon emissions by reducing the shipping distances, supporting local artisans to be able to monitor our manufacturing process closely.

Modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible; therefore Sarvin takes into consideration where her materials come from and who is making them, to ensure Himelhoch's customers are receiving highly ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime. Click here to view Sarvin's policies. Size chart