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Bamboo Silk Digitally Printed Beach Pareo / Scarf


Bamboo Silk Multi use digitally printed exclusively for Menesth├▓ Scarf. Can Be worn as a pareo, scarf, or top.

By áMenesth├▓

Processing time: 5-7 days

Delivery (from London): 3-4 days

About Menesthò

Menesthò is an Indie luxury brand in the United Kingdom, who values ethical, sustainable practices. This distinctive line is characterized by vibrant hues, organic fabrics, comfort, and easy care. They use materials like bamboo, hemp, and cruelty-free silk. The quality of their garments is top-notch - the product of exceptional sewing. In Menesthò 's fashions, not only will you know you look chic and elegant; you'll also know that you're honoring our environment. We invite you to peruse our Menesthò collection below.