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1907 Blend Medium-Roast Coffee

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Our signature blend has dark chocolate, smoky, herbal notes forming a clean cup with sweet acidity and a complex finish. Certified Fair Trade and Organic.

In 1907 we opened our first store in Detroit, Michigan, on Woodward Avenue in a building next to Hudson’s, and directly across the street from B. Siegel’s. Between 1910 and 1920 Himelhoch’s™ achieved fantastic growth as the city’s population doubled. In 1923, we moved to the Washington Arcade Building after Hudson's purchased Himelhoch's™ original location. Our new building was brought to a state of exceptional beauty when it was remodeled by Albert Kahn. In 2018 we return to serve Detroit lovers all over the Internet. We celebrate our history by offering your this unique and delightful 1907 Blend Medium-Roast.

Coffee tastes best when ground just before brewing, which is why we provide whole beans to you.

Significant savings if you purchase two or more bags of coffee. Mix or match!


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