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100% Cashmere Maxi Wool Coat

$256.00  + Free Shipping

This 100% cashmere maxi wool coat comes in 4 enticing colors.
It is rare to find such high-end cashmere at such approachable prices. This coat has the vintage look and feel of the 1920s, with buttons on the waistline and sleeve cuff and a flattering dress bottom. Stylish pockets adorn the front and small pleats at the waist, you can layer this coat with a belt if you prefer a more fitted look. The coat is fully lined in a color that matches the cashmere (lining is 20% cotton+ 80% polyester).

Your color choices include:

Black-100% Cashmere wool
Mulberry - 100% Cashmere wool
Oat_-100% Cashmere wool
Gray_-100% Cashmere wool

The fabric is highly durable. Our designer uses only the longest fibers, averaging 39-42mm long. That's about 30% longer than regular Grade A cashmere. The longer the fiber, the longer your garment will last.

Production is in a facility powered by clean energy, and no harsh chemicals or bleaches are used. 

Because this is handmade to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

By Indie Brand Linnenaive of Hong Kong

•SIZE XS (US 0-2, UK 6-8, Italy 36-38, France 32-34)
bust: fits bust around 32.5”-33.5” / 81-85 cm
waist: fits waist around 25”-26” / 63.5-66 cm
hips: fits hips around 35”-36” / 89-91 cm

•SIZE S (US 4-6, UK 10-12, Italy 40-42, France 36-38)
bust: fits bust around 34.5”-35.5” / 87-90 cm
waist: fits waist around 27”-28” / 68.9-71 cm
hips: fits hips around 37”-38” / 94-97 cm

•SIZE M (US 8-10, UK 14-16, Italy 44-46, France 40-42)
bust: fits bust around 36.5”-37.5” / 92.7-95 cm
waist: fits waist around 29”-30” / 74-76 cm
hips: fits hips around 39”-40” / 99-102 cm

•SIZE L (US 12-14, UK 18-20, Italy 48-50, France 44-46)
bust: fits bust around 39”-40.5” / 99-103 cm
waist: fits waist around 31.5”-33” / 80-84 cm
hips: fits hips around 41.5”-43” / 105-109 cm

bust: around 43.5”/ 110cm
Waist: around 36”/ 91cm
Hips: hips around 46”/ 117cm


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