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  • 100% Italian Cashmere Hooded Cloaks

    Handmade To Order | Indie Brand Linnenaive

  • Artic Chill Sweater

    Our favorite Crisp & Cozy sweaters.

  • Detroit Bikes - B Type

    Coil-sprung Comfort from Detroit

A Detroit Tradition Since 1907

Himelhoch's® is a chic departmentstore offering elegance and approachable luxury to clientele with sophisticated tastes.

What Is In Good Co. Detroit?

Developed by the New Economy Initiative (NEI), with support from the Knight Foundation, In Good Co. Detroit’s goal is to help unify and grow Detroit’s small business community through inspirational stories and connections to resources. 

See how Himelhoch's turns storytelling into action with real stories from Detroit entrepreneurs.

  • Fashion Partner Program

    Providing Opportunities for Fashion-Forward Designers for Over 100 years.

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